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Faber and Brand LLC


Faber and Brand is committed to providing our clients with prompt courteous and professional customer service. We have a dedicated department to make sure that our clients have access to someone that they know who can help them with any problems or issues that arise. We are able to provide custom reporting and work with many electronic data interfaces, including YGC and DebtNext.

We represent many different types of creditors including hospitals, credit card companies, insurance companies, banks, and collection agencies.

Stuart Mullen

Executive Director and

VP of Client Resources

Stuart has been with Faber and Brand since 1994 and has worked f or collection agencies as a skip tracer, collector, manager and leader since 1987

Maggie Jo Dignan

Client Resources Divisional Officer

Maggie has been with Faber and Brand since 2010. Maggie works hard to ensure that every client gets the reports and information that they need in a timely fashion.

Click here if you are a potential client and would like Stuart to contact you.